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Barracuda Stun Guns

We at strive to bring in to the market the most up-to-date technology in Stun Guns, If you are shopping for a stun gun then look no further than Barracuda brand stun guns. Since 2007, we have put quality and safety first into what we believe is the best overall value on the market today.


Is a stun gun right for you?


·         Stun guns are meant for use in close contact situations. The stun gun has to physically touch the person in order for it to be effective.

·         Stun guns are meant to startle and repel an attacker. No stun gun will “drop” someone with the slightest touch. If a stun gun was that powerful than the current from it could pass through the assailant and back into you.

·         Stun guns are non-lethal and leave no permanent harm.


TO USE: Touch an attacker with the outside metal contact probes while pressing the activation switch. You can touch any part of assailant's body, but the large muscle areas and the upper torso is your primary target. A second touch will startle and repel assailants, giving some pain and muscle contractions. A moderate length touch of 2 to 4 seconds can cause an attacker to fall to the ground and result in some mental confusion. A touch of 5 or more seconds can cause loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion and disorientation. No sound will be heard when touching an attacker with a stun gun. Under no conditions you can suffer a charge back to your own body, even if assailant is holding you. The unit cannot be damaged by continued firing into the body of an assailant, but remember not to test fire the unit in the air for more than one second.


Our quality begins with our rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh) battery pack. . Nickel metal hydride batteries do not suffer from a “memory” problem. Most rechargeable batteries, such as nickel cadmium, have an internal “memory”, that when each time it is charged, tells itself “this is where I am empty” whether it is or not. In order to get the best charge from the battery, it must be completely depleted, if not, its life will be shortened each time it is charged. With our battery pack, you will need to charge it for 10-12 hours the first time and then just 1-2 hours each month.


Although voltage in stun guns is important, amperage is as well. Our stun guns have an output of 4.5 milliamps that is still safe and significantly higher than most other sun guns which range between 1-3 milliamps.


All of our stun guns have what we believe to be the most important safety feature; a safety disable pin. The pin, which has to be inserted into the stun gun in order for it to work, is attached to a wrist loop to be worn around your wrist. If someone were to take the stun gun away from you, the pin would detach, rendering it inoperable.



·         On/Off safety switch to help prevent accidental discharge.

·         All models come with a durable nylon holster with belt loop.

·         Slip resistant rubberized coating for a better grip on our compact models.

·         None of our stun guns have flashlights that drain the battery or leave you unprepared.

·         Our stun guns only come in the color black. Yes, the pinks and purples look quite fashionable but they also stick out like a sore thumb.

·         5 year warranty on all of our stun gun models.

Barracuda 1 Million Volt Stun Gun
Barracuda 1 Million Volt Stun Gun
List Price: $52.95
Our Price: $30.50
You Save: $22.45  
Barracuda 3.7 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun
Barracuda 3.7 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun
List Price: $75.95
Our Price: $75.95
You Save: $0.00  
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Lipstick Pepper Spray
Lipstick Pepper Spray
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01.Barracuda 1 Million Volt Stun Gun
02.Barracuda 3.7 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun

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