Tazers at DefendWell.com

No matter how you spell it, tazers are the ultimate in 21st Century personal security solutions. Science fiction no more, tazers are a modern man or woman’s preferred method of self-defense, quick and easy, clean and effective. DefendWell.com carries a full complement of tazers and accessories for all the potential miscreants in your life! One quick zap will have them jumping higher than hot sauce on a pogo stick and give you all the time you need to get to safety. A little helping of tazers even stops those under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

Tasers are extremely easy to use, with minimal aiming necessary: the electric current can be discharged to work anywhere on the human body, up to a full fifteen feet away for the civilian models allowed for sale. Under close-quarter conditions, DefendWell.com tazers can even double as a conventional contact-stun device. Yet tazers are extremely safe as well, used in over ten thousand police departments across four countries spanning almost two decades, the only non-lethal method that practically guarantees results. With more than half a million registered users, many in real-world front-line law enforcement roles, tazers are time-tested and field-proven.

Moreover, should you ever need to actually employ your DefendWell.com tazers, there is even a limited lifetime replacement guarantee available at no extra cost! In the event that usage somehow results in the loss of your tazers, all that is needed for a free replacement to be rushed to you is a copy of the official police report documenting the incident. For example, DefendWell.com tazers can be physically set down onto thr assailant’s person in order to keep him incapacitated while you run for safety. This effectively pins your assailant, but can quite possibly result in the loss of your tazers. Simply report the matter to the police (as you should!) and you will be rushed a free replacement, just like that!

No matter how you spell it, tazers are the single most effective piece of personal protection product we offer here at DefendWell.com, with no lethality to worry about, no safe-keeping headaches, and easily concealable but readily available. We make tazers accessible to everyone with low prices and great selections.

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